Drone filming – aerial photography in Bucharest

Drone filming services all over Romania

Sulyok Imaging provides drone filming – aerial photography in Bucharest for real estate and industrial field. Our services also include corporate video production services in Bucharest or across Romania.

We specialize in aerial photography and filming, industrial, real estate and architectural photography, product photography and commercial corporate video services.

In the highly competitive real estate market, aerial photography is the best way to get an attractive overall image of a property. Drone images will highlight your property in relation to its environment. Impressive imagery made with drones is a key element in improving the quality of the sales process.

Aerial photography in Bucharest – drone filming

Nothing promotes better a property than than top view of its placing in context. Aerial photos will highlight location advantages such as infrastructure, surroundings, location, proportions, orientation and abutment elements.

The first aerial photographs were created in 1858 by Gaspar Felix Tournachon, also known as “Nadar”, when he photographed the houses of the French village of Petit-Becetre. The images were captured from a tethered balloon 80 meters off the ground. Nadar patented the aerial photography idea in 1855 for use in map making and surveying. It took three years of trying to successfully create his first aerial photograph.

Drone filming transforms Aerial Photography and Videography

Using high-resolution aerial images and drone filming used to be expensive and a major undertaking. Drone technology has radically changed this situation, providing high quality aerial images, video and panoramic imagery available at affordable costs.

Aerial photography and drone filming can be used for marketing everything from commercial and residential real estate, construction projects to special events and tourism.  Equipment, such as different cameras and lens can be readily available for getting a variety of shots in one shoot. The human element, with a keen and artistically trained eye, is the best choise for obtaining a superior aerial photography for marketing use.

Offering aerial photography and drone filming in Bucharest or across Romania, we can help our clients with aerial images for many different end market uses.

Sulyok Imaging is a professional photo studio based in Bucharest providing in-studio and on-location photography and video services in Romania and abroad. Regarding the advertising works, the present portfolio includes commercial photography, corporate branding and visual identity projects but also corporate video production services for the industrial field in Romania.