Personal branding photography

Personal branding photography is intended for entrepreneurs and influential people, professionals  and small business owners that need to build their image image. The headshot session can take place in our studio or in various locations. While buying stock photography is handy, it doesn’t help you build a strong personal brand. The reason is lack of authenticity. By choosing to use professional photos to promote your image, you will develop a strong personal brand and a successful business.

Professional photo shoot for personal branding

In the crowded marketplace of social media, it’s important that your business stands out through authenticity. Your personal brand is a reflection of your personality, values, skills and passion invested in your daily work. A strong personal branding photo lets people understand who you are and what you do. It helps them see the personal side of your business, sparking their interest in buying what you have to offer. We are waiting for you in our studio for a professional photo session if you want photos that speak of your professionalism or the spirit of the business you are developing.

Preparing for your Personal Branding Photography Session

Getting in front of the camera for a personal branding photo session can feel a little uncomfortable at first. With a little preparation, personal branding photo shoots are incredibly empowering and fun for business owners. 

But how will prepare for a session like this? I’m breaking down few tips so you can plan your next personal branding photography session with ease.

Did you schedule a branding session so you can start creating a content library for your social media? Are you creating a new website and you want to show it to the world?  Determining your photo shoot goals can go a long way in making sure you get exactly what you want and need.

This is helpful information for your photographer. If you want to update your website header with a new image that needs a text overlay, your photographer should know that when shooting. For images that will primarily be used on social media, your photographer will frame them so they are cut out and off-centered appropriately.

We make sure to have a  conversation about your type of business and your goals before your session. When it’s time to shoot, we can just have fun.

Personal branding photographer in Bucharest

A branding session is truly focused on you, so thinking about details will save you any regret. Get a fresh manicure, make sure you love your haircut and color, and bring the clothes you feel best in. Simply making sure you look pulled together and polished can go a long way. Schedule your session just after these appointments so you are in best form.